All needs of newborn babies

Newborn babies:

The newborn stage is considered as one of the hardest stages of childhood. Children at this age are more susceptible to germs and diseases due to their weak immunity, and you as a mother, should keep your baby from cold and germs. You can do that with the help of many products available in the market, including clothes, medicines and devices made specifically to make this stage easier.

Newborn hygiene care:

baby diapers:Mothers usually change baby’s diapers more than five times a day, so make sure, dear mother, that you have a large amount of diapers of good quality to protect your baby's skin.
Cotton pads: It is advised to clean newborn babies with water and a little soap and cotton pads every time you change their diaper, because wet wipes cause sensitivity to the baby’s skin, so be sure to provide a number of cotton pads for the baby.
Baby’ Bath: Nothing refreshes more than a clean baby’s scent, and that’s why you will need a baby’s bath.
Baby shampoo and towel: Make sure you provide baby shampoo of good quality, and a clean towel

Baby sleeping requirements:

Childs' bed:Be sure to purchase a safe bed with an appropriate size for your child, to ensure the maximum comfort and safety.
Mattress and sheets: You will have to provide a clean mattress of good quality and a number of sheets and change them constantly to ensure that the bed is clean and free of germs.
Sleeping bag: The child needs warmth and comfort in his first days, so he will need a sleeping bag to provide that warmth and ease of movement.


Newborn babies need to change clothes continuously, in order to stay warm, clean and of a nice scent.Soyou will need at least six pieces of cotton underwear, warm exit clothes and a warm jacket in case of cold weather, and three pairs of cotton socks and hats.

Baby’s medical care:

Thermometer: Provide a good quality thermometer to constantly check your baby’s heat and keep him from the risk of overheating.
Antipyretic: be sure to purchase a baby’s antipyretic.
Colic medicine: Newborns develop colic more than others, so you will have to buy a colic medicine that is recommended by your doctor.
Allergy cream: Baby's skin is very sensitive, and at some point they may feel allergic, whether from diapers or clothes, so make sure to provide a baby’s medical cream for allergies.

Baby’s food items:

Lollipop: Some children do not calm down or sleep except with a lollipop, so you will need a one that is appropriate for their age andhave it continuously sterilized.
Feeding bottle: The baby may need to drink formula milk instead of breast milk, or to drink water or natural herbs, so he needs a bottle that is appropriate for his age and that is being continuously sterilized.