How do you take care of a newborn baby? | MOMSANDCHILD

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تعتبر مرحلة الوليد من أصعب مراحل الطفولة. الأطفال في هذا العمر أكثر عرضة للإصابة بالجراثيم والأمراض بسبب ضعف مناعتهم ، ويجب عليك كأم أن تعتني بطفل حديث الولادة من البرد والجراثيم. يمكنك القيام بذلك بمساعدة العديد من المنتجات المتوفرة في السوق ، بما في ذلك الملابس والأدوية والأجهزة المصممة خصيصًا لتسهيل هذه المرحلة.

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baby diapers: Mothers usually change baby’s diapers more than five times a day, so make sure, dear mother, that you have a large amount of diapers of good quality to protect your baby's skin.
Cotton pads: It is advised to clean newborn babies with water and a little soap and cotton pads every time you change their diaper, because wet wipes cause sensitivity to the baby’s skin, so be sure to provide a number of cotton pads for the baby.

Baby’ Bath: Nothing refreshes more than a clean baby’s scent, and that’s why you will need a baby’s bath.
Baby shampoo and towel: Make sure you provide baby shampoo of good quality, and a clean towel

What do newborn babies sleep in?

Childs' bed:Be sure to purchase a safe bed with an appropriate size for your child, to ensure the maximum comfort and safety.
Mattress and sheets: You will have to provide a clean mattress of good quality and a number of sheets and change them constantly to ensure that the bed is clean and free of germs.

Sleeping bag: The child needs warmth and comfort in his first days, so he will need a sleeping bag to provide that warmth and ease of movement.

What clothes do I need for newborn?

Newborn babies need to change clothes continuously, in order to stay warm, clean and of a nice scent.Soyou will need at least six pieces of cotton underwear, warm exit clothes and a warm jacket in case of cold weather, and three pairs of cotton socks and hats.

How do you take care of a newborn baby?

Thermometer: Provide a good quality thermometer to constantly check your baby’s heat and keep him from the risk of overheating.
Antipyretic: be sure to purchase a baby’s antipyretic.
Colic medicine: Newborns develop colic more than others, so you will have to buy a colic medicine that is recommended by your doctor.

Allergy cream: Baby's skin is very sensitive, and at some point they may feel allergic, whether from diapers or clothes, so make sure to provide a baby’s medical cream for allergies.

What is the best newborn babies food?

Lollipop: Some children do not calm down or sleep except with a lollipop, so you will need a one that is appropriate for their age andhave it continuously sterilized.

زجاجة الرضاعة: قد يحتاج الطفل إلى شرب الحليب الاصطناعي بدلاً من حليب الأم ، أو شرب الماء أو الأعشاب الطبيعية ، لذلك يحتاج إلى زجاجة مناسبة لعمره ويتم تعقيمها باستمرار.