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What is the most common illness for a baby

    Newborns have weak immunity  this is why they are more exposed to   diseases And viruses ; in this article We try to present The ten most common diseases To which new children are exposed

1- Influenza disease

Newborn infants are exposed to frequent colds, and this is due to their change in the environment in which they live from the womb to normal life. Despite the slight changes in the atmosphere, they cause problems in the health of the child.
 Colds that accompany coughing occur as a result of viral infection as a result of changing seasons. To avoid this situation or reduce it, it is necessary to organize feeding times and take care of the infant's comfort.

2- Diarrheal disease

This disease may be caused by viruses or food allergies such as Drinking milk that is not suitable for a child or a bacterial infection. The symptoms of diarrhea in newborn children are generally vomiting, fever, and internal dryness. To avoid these symptoms, give the child boiling water or sterile water among the infant to prevent exacerbation of dehydration and give the child a solution to treat dehydration Andtake care of his lunch.

3-yellow fever virus

Yellow fever is divided into two types

Physiological Yellow fever: 

it occurs most often in newborns and occurs as a result of carrying a large amount of bilirubin in blood, which is caused by the breakdown of red blood cells
   As long as the liver has not yet done its job and the bilirubin is eliminated through feces, the yellow fever  appears.

Pathological Yellow fever : 

It is a rare and dangerous disease because it occurs despite the liver doing its job as the proportion of bilirubin rises dangerously and this may lead to major complications such as brain damage or problems in the child’s development, so it is necessary to see a doctor and follow up the child’s condition case by case?

4- Constipation disease

Similar to diarrhea, new children suffer from symptoms of constipation. The child may feel abdominal pain and severe stomach discomfort. This is due to a change in the nutritional system and the transition from milk to solid foods. Constipation usually goes away with time. However, it is recommended that you help the child to drink water regularly and eat vegetables rich in fiber to relieve constipation.

5- body's temperature raising

 One of the common diseases that new children suffer from which also frightens mothers is the sudden high temperature of the infant, as it is considered a warning bell that foretells many questions about the diseases that led to this imbalance.This rise may be due to the common cold or infection or as a result of taking a vaccination. In this case, the child must be rushed to the hospital if the temperature rises above 38 .  the mother can help the child with cold packs of vinegar or put onions under the child’s feet while following up his condition so that the heat does not damage the brain of the Child


All children suffer from symptoms of colic and stomach pain sometimes accompanied by vomiting, and this is due to the wrong feeding and the entry of air into the stomach due to crying and not burping upon completion of lactation Also, excessive feeding leads to nausea and vomiting, so there should be regular appointments for breastfeeding the baby  also The mother must  breastfeed her baby properly.


It is a common disease that bothers the child and the mother alike. The child remains coughing all the time and cannot sleep and his sleep and breastfeeding becomes irregular. This cough may occur as a result of exposure to colds or sensitivity in the chest as a result of changing seasons.
  It is advisable to see a doctor if the cough lasts longer than the reasonable time

8- Diaper rash

The infant may develop skin problems in the form of irritation, which appear especially in the diaper area, and arise because of the sensitive skin of the child In parallel with not to change the nappy and leave the skin wet for a long time, so you must constantly change the nappy and make sure the baby's skin is dry and put a thin layer of creams or ointments for children's skin to protect the skin from moisture.

9- Oral inflammation

It is a common infection in most children due to the formation of yeasts from lactation, as well as due to weakened immunity and appears as white spots on the lips and tongue
The mother should pay attention to hygiene when breastfeeding the child and sterilize the feeding tools when artificial feeding, and it can be treated with an anti-fungal solution, and these spots may go away on their own with the passage of time.

10- Disease of the ear infections

Before the infant reaches one year of age, he is susceptible to another disease, which is an inflammation of the ear, where half of the children get 3 times this disease during the first nine months, and this occurs as a result of a bacterial or viral infection,
 The affected child may cry, and try to tighten his ear when he feels pain, and it is accompanied by some symptoms, such as: runny nose, sore throat, and high fever.