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Everything you want to know about pregnancy … Symptoms, problems, and what’s beneficial or harmful for the pregnant

In the journey of pregnancy and the preparations that come before it, when the couple is planning to have a baby, there are many important information and details to be known, and during pregnancy, the pregnant must be fully aware of everything related to it, from nutrition, movement and sport systems, and even symptoms and risk factors, which means almost everything related to this very important stage of every woman’s life.

pregnancy test

We begin the journey of pregnancy from its beginning, with Dr. Yusriya Muhammad, a consultant obstetrician, and gynecologist, where she explained that there are many types of pregnancy tests. Including the home pregnancy test in the urine (hCG test), which has many types and brands, it is available in pharmacies, and it is done with drops of urine to test if the pregnancy hormone is in it, the methods of analysis are always different from one to another, so you must follow the medication package insert.

This test is less accurate and should be done after the end of the period with more than two days.

Pregnancy symptoms

Initially to those who are not sure of their pregnancy yet, some symptoms can help them, and Yusriya explained that some women do not experience any symptoms before the advanced weeks of pregnancy, but the two most important symptoms are dizziness, andsudden severe fatigue, other women may feel early nausea or anorexia also, prefer one type of food over another and eat it voraciously, their nipples get darker in color and in some cases they grow larger, women may have mood swings, nervousness, sentimentality, excessive sensitivity, and crave for strange types of food heavily.

After fertilization and before the menstrual period there will maybe some pink blood drops, the pregnant may feel lazy and desire to sleep, she may also have high or low pressure, breast pain, stomach pain, and frequent urination.

Pregnant foods

Yusriya also advises pregnant women to eat fresh foods, dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress, lentils, and legumes, to cook meat well.
To eat less seafood and to cook it well if eaten, to eat fruits of all kinds, especially apples, oranges, dried apricots, and pears.
To avoid fats, roasted and heavily foundry meats, as well as avoiding raw food, and all types of processed meat, smoked and salty meats such as herring, fish, and luncheon, and to keep away from chocolate, spicy foods, and excess salt and pickles.

Drinks during pregnancy

Healthy drinks during pregnancy are extremely important. Such as drinking much water, and drinking milk and fruit juices.
But it is not advisable to drink any type of caffeine.
For tea, coffee, Nescafe, Cappuccino, and latte the pregnant should not have more than one cup per day from them, and of course, she should avoid cinnamon, ginger, previously prepared, and canned drinks.

Movement during pregnancy

The pregnant needs to know her movement limitations and precautions, for example, a sudden, rapid flash movement is not something she should do, it is also necessary to reduce times of bending, avoid sleeping on the abdomen continuously, and sitting in a squatting position, as well as avoiding hard moves.

Effort in pregnancy

Yusrya explained that in the first trimester of pregnancy (the first three months), the pregnant must avoid violent and arduous movements and housework, never carry or push heavy objects, and keep away from grief.
She must also, pay attention to these precautions during the rest of the pregnancy.

What are some bad signs during pregnancy?

There are signs of danger during pregnancy where the pregnant should consult her doctor immediately when seeing them, such as bleeding or having dark and brown vaginal secretions, high body temperature, and continuous tremors, when the pregnancy symptoms suddenly disappear, and when the pregnant has a severe stomach pain, severe headache, fetal water leakage, acute decrease in urination with severe thirst, frequent fainting, allergic or severe scratching, persistent and exaggerated vomiting, and severe swelling that affects all parts of the body such as the hands, the eyes, and the face.

Pregnancy with twins

Pregnancy with twins is surrounded by many myths, like if the abdomen is growing larger quickly then it might be a sign of having a twin, which is a false information, there is no relationship between the size of the abdomen at the first months and the number of fetuses.

Dr. Yusrya explained that it is easy to reveal pregnancy with twins through the sonar, or through hearing the heartbeats of the Embryos, or seeing more than one pregnancy bag, some pregnant women with twins can have severe symptoms of pregnancy, but some have similar symptoms to those who are pregnant with only one child.


The women consultant continued and talked about the importance of exercising during pregnancy, stressing that the pregnant woman can only practice by direct order from the doctor who follows her condition, and it is preferable to avoid exercise completely during the first trimester.
Sport during pregnancy is beneficial to the body’s flexibility, and to facilitate birth and labor, as well as controlling pregnant weight and protection from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, and one of the best sports for pregnant women is yoga, walking, and relaxation exercises.
Violent sports, carrying heavy loads, sports with unsafe movements or with the possibility of falling to the ground or bumping into something or somebody, such as basketball, horse riding, etc. are completely forbidden.
The pregnant is only allowed to exercise at the specialized pregnant women section in sport and physical centers.

Marital relationship during pregnancy

Dr. Attia Abu Al-Naja, a consultant of women, obstetrics, and infertility, advises to rationalize the marital relationships between the spouses during pregnancy in order to avoid some serious uterine contractions, especially in the first three months.
So, in the first period of pregnancy, it is necessary to refrain from marital relationships according to the doctor’s order, and each case has instructions that have to be followed, some cases require to completely abstain from sexual intercourse, such as bleeding and placenta accreta.

Back pain in pregnancy

Regarding back pain during pregnancy, Dr. Amr Hassan, a consultant of obstetrics and gynecology, tells us that these pains are normal during pregnancy, provided that they are within the normal range determined by the follow-up doctor, and one of the most important tips for the pregnant to get rid of back pain is to have an erection, straighten her back and shoulders completely when sitting or working, and have a walk each half an hour, and avoid bending a lot, or sleeping on the back ( during the last trimesters because of the increased weight of the abdomen).

Traveling during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many pregnant women are confused in front of the idea of ​​traveling, and Dr. Yusriya Muhammad advises that the pregnant woman should travel only by the order of her treating physician and she must avoid traveling on rough roads for long distances.
During all the pregnancy period only the doctor can give permission for the pregnant to travel (and of course, each case is different from another), the means and the duration of the travel must be taken in consideration, and it is preferable for those who have pressure problems or gestational diabetes to not travel during pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

  Gestational diabetes, Dr. Yusriya talked about it, explaining that it is a case of high blood sugar during pregnancy, which may be a risky thing on the baby in some cases or it can cause him to grow larger or it can be a sign of premature birth.
The pregnant should avoid excessive intake of unhelpful sugars (such as oriental sweets, tortillas, chocolate, industrial sweets, and children's sweets), and frequent addition of sugar to drinks, kunafa, and starches in abundance.
It is preferable to eat fruits and natural juices made from them. gestational diabetes can be controlled by organizing nutrition during pregnancy, or by doses of specific diabetes treatments according to the situation and based on the doctor's orders, this condition may disappear immediately after giving birth to the baby.


    Preeclampsia affects some pregnant women as a result of very high blood pressure it causes separate swells in the body, and it threatens the pregnancy safety, which may require a premature birth, this condition may be treated by organizing nutrition by instructions from the doctor, and the continuous follow-up of the pregnant woman, sometimes preeclampsia may require some drugs.

And finally, those who had high blood pressure before pregnancy should inform their doctor with this information.