What foods do you introduce to baby first? | MOMSANDCHILD

    When does the baby start eating? and what are the most important and appropriate foods for him?

In order for the newborn to grow, he needs nutrition, starting from the first months of his life, becausefood is the fuel that builds his body andkeeps it healthy, and the beginning is always with the mother's milk, as long as it is the most appropriate food of all, but the child must be familiar with other foods too, because the mother's milk will not last forever,from this mothers must pay attention to giving different food items gradually totheir children, starting from the fourth month until they get used to them and cover their needs later with different types of food.
The most important baby’s foods for the fourth month:


The most preferred grains to be fed to the infant after the fourth month are rice and oats because they don’t cause any allergy to the body as they are of high food value, and it is preferable tomix them with breast milk so that they taste palatable to the baby and accept them, avoid cereals that contain gluten, especially if a certainallergy iscommon in the family .


This fruit is considered as meal by itself, a meal rich of elements and delicious at the same time, it is also advisable to mix it with the milk of the breasts for the infant to be satisfied with it


 It is an ideal fruit for the infant. Most infants love bananas from the first time they taste it, as it’s very rich with nutrients that are important for their growth, such as iron and phosphate. It is also rich with fibers that help digestion and help them avoid constipation.

Honey pumpkin:

Baby-friendly honey pumpkins are a delicacy for children, and you can make a delicious puree out of them, also rich in carotene and fiber.


All varieties of potatoes are baby-friendly, contain a high fiber content and are a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium.


You can prepare a puree with roasted or steamed carrots to preserve its nutritional value. Most children love carrots because of their sweet taste and orange color, carrot is rich with Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, and it has huge benefits in strengthening eyesight.


Apple fruit is a nutritious meal for the infant at this age because it contains many elements suitable for the growth of the body and can be steamed or strained well and served to the child, and it’s rich with iron and suitable for vigil states.


One of the foods that are appropriate in the early stages of an infant's nutrition journey is pear, it is a low acid meal and it can be served as a puree with formula or breast milk. It can also be combined with pills.


It is necessary to also introduce green foods to the baby, such as peas. And at the beginning of infant eating journey, peas are very appropriate, because they are sweet and they contain high percentage of fiber, which is beneficial for your child ,you can add them to breast milk or some fruit that your child loves.

Breast milk:

 With many foods available, there is no food that can give your child what he needs at this age and replaces breast milk, so do not deprive him of breast milk and its great benefits, especially during the first year of his life, because it’s the best food for him.