How can I change my baby's sleep from night to day? | MOMSANDCHILD

    10 daily habits to regulate the newborn's sleep


    After giving birth to a baby, the mother lives a new period in the presence of her infant, who has moved from her womb to the outer environment, therefore his sleep becomes irregulated.

    The newborn in his first days remains the same behavior as when he used to live in the womb, sleeps at a time and wakes up at another, whether it's on the day or the night time, this is a normal condition, but it worries mothers, especially new mothers, so in our blog, we will try to mention the most important tips to organize the baby's sleep.


    1.     Avoid playing with your baby at night because he will remain alert all night. And when laying in bed to sleep, avoid looking into his eyes because he will stay awake to play with you.

    2.     Set a time to put him in bed daily until he gets used to it.

    3.     Change his wet clothes before bed because what helps him sleep is warmth and comfort.

    4.     Cover him well to feel safe and secure.

    5.     If you make sure that the room's temperature is warm then the baby will sleep for long hours.

    6.     Gently massage his back with slight vibrations and a beautiful song, until he falls asleep.

    7.     Make the room lighting dimmed so that the atmosphere appears calmer and the child feels relaxed.

    8.     Try to make the baby's bath right before bed because a warm bath helps him relax and sleep deeply.

    9.     Hold the baby to your chest when he is crying so that he feels your presence, feels safety and sleeps peacefully.

    10. Take the infant on a picnic from time to time to breathe new air, this helps to change the atmosphere and get a deep sleep after each picnic.