What should I eat the beginning of my pregnancy? | MOMSANDCHILD

Best foods for pregnant women during the first months:

Food and its diversity is very important for the pregnant in order to build a strong body for herfetus, especially during the first months of pregnancy. That’s why the pregnant should choose foods full of nutrients and stay away from fatty foods and sweets.

Many pregnant women especially those who are in their first pregnancy don’t know the types of foods they should focus on eating.

In this article we provide a list of healthy foods for pregnant women during the first months.


Because it contains many nutrients it is very beneficial for the pregnant woman’s body and for the baby, and since it’s rich in folic acid, which is important in forming the baby’s immune system.

It can be eaten as an omelet mixed with eggs or added to vegetable soups, and it can also be added to formed juices.


Lentils of all kinds are important for the pregnant, especially during the first months of pregnancy since they are one of the richest foods in Iron, the element responsible for the formation of blood in the human body, this makes them very important for building the body of the fetus healthily through the formation of muscles and tissues. In addition to iron, lentils are rich in plant proteins responsible for muscle building.
Lentils can be eaten by boiling them or just by preparing a lentil soup.

3-Milk and dairy products:

Milk and its derivatives such as yogurt, and cheese, etc. are very rich in calcium, which is responsible for building the baby’s bones, teeth, and nails, and also important for pregnant woman’s health, so she must consume enough milk products during pregnancy to avoid osteoporosis.


Among the necessary foods rich in protein appropriate for the pregnant and her fetus in the first months are almonds, pistachios and nuts, they are rich in unsaturated fats that are important for the nervous system and for building brain cells and body muscles.
They can be eaten as they are, or by adding them to milk or yogurt after roasting and grinding them.


White meat is very rich in iron (which is important for blood formation), therefore, the pregnant should eat meat to avoid anemia, as well as to give the fetus the iron needed to build his body.

Without forgetting that chicken is rich in protein responsible for muscle building.

6-Citrus fruits:

All citrus fruits are rich in folic acid and vitamin C, which are essential for developing and strengthening the fetal nervous system.

They can be taken directly as fruits or taken as a juice.


All marine creatures are important for both the pregnant and the fetus at the beginning of pregnancy, but salmon is the most prominent and beneficial of them all, as it contains high levels of calcium and vitamin D, which are important in the formation of bones and for their hardness, as well as containing beneficial fats for developing the immune system.

Salmon also plays a big role in developing the fetal nervous system.