How to protect my child from diaper rash?

How to Combat Diaper Rash

The problem of diaper inflammation in children does not stop or end. Most mothers suffer from this seemingly difficult but in fact easy problem to solve if they take the necessary measures.

How does diaper rash occur?

Medically, diaper rash or inflammation caused by diaper is a problem that develops on the skin, as a result of its staying hydrated for a long time, with the friction of the diaper, and the skin coming into contact with the chemicals in urine and poop, so the skin becomes red and sore, causing a burning and pinching sensation and appears like it has burned.

Symptoms of a diaper rash

These infections occur when wearing diapers, they may increase in summer due to heat and sweat, and their symptoms are:

  • Redness with slight swelling in the nappy area at the back or at the genitals, sometimes reaching to the thighs.
  • Changes in your child's behavior, so he moves a lot and seems uncomfortable, especially during a diaper change.
  • Your baby cries when washing or touching the nappy area.

Causes of diaper rash

  • The type of nappy and the child's skin intolerance to it.
  • Leaving the child for a long time without changing the diaper and cleaning him.
  • Not using protective creams when changing a diaper, causing skin irritation.
  • Wet wipes cause skin irritation and they’re not recommended for use.

How to treat diaper infections at home?

  • Keep the diaper area as clean and dry as possible.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that contain chemicals.
  • Avoid washing with soap and wipes containing alcohol or perfumes, and only rely on water.
  • Remove the diaper for your child for as long as possible, until his skin remains dry and begins to heal and keep massaging the area with natural oils.
  • Change the diaper periodically, and you better use a larger diaper in this case.
If the situation worsens, the child’s heat rises, and other symptoms appear on him as a result of infection, we recommend that you see a doctor immediately.

The most powerful home remedy for diaper rash:

When the child starts screaming from the pain caused by inflammation, mothers become nervous and begin to search for the fastest treatment and olive oil is considered as the most appropriate treatment at home and is the best one ever.
Where you can remove the baby's diaper, clean him, and apply olive oil on the area, then keep repeating the process until the inflammation disappears, with prolonging the diaper removal period.

How to protect the baby from diaper rash?

  • To prevent diaper inflammation, specialists recommend using a wound cream after cleaning by applying a thin layer of it to the area in order to avoid clogging the pores.
  • It is also preferable to use creams that contain calendula, which is an anti-inflammatory and wounds treating plant, suitable for children's skin.
  • It would be better if the cream contains panthenol or zinc oxide, which have a calming and soothing effect, or natural sunflower oil and shea butter, and to avoid creams containing volatile or aromatic substances.
  • Mothers can use a special skin powder from time to time to prevent irritation, without forgetting to choose the best diapers made of cotton.

How to choose the appropriate nappy for the baby?

Diapers should:
  • Be suitable for your baby's skin and don’t cause allergies, for example, diapers made from cotton
  • Have preserving barriers to prevent wetness, especially at night
  • Be elastic to fit your baby's waist
  • Have the adhesive on the sides so that you can open and close the diaper.
  • Have rubber sides to suit children from the age of one year.
  • Strength of absorption and texture: they should have high absorption strength (we observe this through the green color that is inside the diaper which indicates their absorption strength).
  • Thickness of the diaper: it should be thin, so it does not take much space and is comfortable for the child.