Pregnant and mother's questions about Coronavirus COVID 19 | MOMSANDCHILD

With the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19) and its entry into daily life, the anxiety of pregnant women and mothers increases twice more than other people, because a pregnant woman carries a fetus inside her body and a mother is afraid for herself and her baby as well, since she always comes into contact with him, whether by breastfeeding, feeding or carrying him,...etc.
At the time when this invasive virus keeps on spreading every day, questions multiply in the mind of the pregnant and the mother about how to deal with the situation to protect themselves and their children from infection at the same time.
So, as a main advice, if you feel that the Coronavirus raises your concerns, you should first visit a health care supervisor to see the necessary measures that are appropriate for your situation ...
And here we list the most important questions asked about how the virus affects pregnancy and lactation.

Is it true that pregnant women are more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is similar to the flu virus in the way it spreads, the infection can even be transmitted by touch.
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there isn't a lot of information about it, being a new virus that is without vaccination until now, especially information related to its effect on pregnant and infants, so recommendations for this category have not been developed yet, but prevention remains the most important cure so far.
however, fever is the most common and dangerous symptom for a pregnant and her fetus, and it's also one of the most important symptoms of the Coronavirus, so a pregnant woman must continuously watch her body temperature from time to time and maintain her personal hygiene.

Can the Coronavirus be transmitted from a pregnant to her fetus?

According to information from the CDC, it was found that most of the cases of pregnant women with coronavirus were giving birth to their children in good health, where the infection of children has not been proven, indicating that the virus does not transmit through the placenta to the fetus, because it did not appear in samples of amniotic fluid (that is surrounding the fetus while he is in the womb of his mother) nor in breast milk. 

How do I protect my child if I have corona?

As we mentioned previously, until now, the information confirms that the virus does not transmit through breast milk according to what the CDC refers to, and that is due to the antibodies present in it.
Therefore, for prevention, mothers are advised to follow breastfeeding, as it is the safest in not transmitting viruses, taking all possible precautions into consideration to avoid infection, such as washing hands when touching the infant, wearing gloves and a face mask ...

How does a pregnant control her fear of coronavirus?

If you follow all preventive measures, you don't have to worry, but if your anxiety exceeds the reasonable level, it can affect the health of your pregnancy. 
In this case, you should contact the doctor or psychiatric consultant, and avoid going to the emergency rooms, cause it may aggravate the situation and you may also catch the virus from some patients.