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أهم 10 نصائح للتخفيف من أعراض الرغبة الشديدة في الحمل والنفور

Top 10 tipsfor relieving symptoms of pregnancy cravings and aversions

Before we go through these pieces of advice, we first have to define pregnancy cravings and aversionsand their symptoms.

What is pregnancy craving and aversion?

It is one of pregnancy symptoms that happens especially during the first trimester, considered to be some of the changes in the appetite of a pregnant, where she can crave eating foods that she did not like before and alienate from foods that could be her favorites previously, she can also crave nonfood and weird items like dust and soap… some psychological changes also may be related to this condition, where the pregnant can alienate from her husband, hate some people, or love people she used to hate before.

What causes pregnancy cravings and aversions?

Hormonal disturbances:which cause some changes in the senses’ strength, including the sense of smell and taste, this leads to an increased desire to eat or to not eat.

The baby’s consumption of nutrients in the mother’s body: The reason behind craving some foods is the lack of the pregnant woman’s body to nutrients in those foods.

Mood swings: These changes, especially feelings of stress or depression, increase the desire to eat.

What are the main medications to treat craving and morning sickness?

When craving, aversion and nausea are severe, women tend to take some treatments to get rid of them, such as:

·         Vitamin (B6).

·         Food supplements containing vitamins and nutrients needed to fight nausea.

·         Antihistamines.

·         Prescription anti-nausea medications promethazine, metoclopramide, or ondansetron.

But in all cases the pregnant woman should consult a specialist doctor before taking any medication.

What are the herbs that reduce craving and aversion?

    There are many ways to treat it at home, the most important of which are:
•    Ginger Drink: Drinking a cup of sweetened ginger with honey daily just after you wake up helps alleviate symptoms of craving and aversion, such as nausea and dizziness.
•    Parsley drink: It helps relieve symptoms and is taken by drinking a cup of boiled parsley.
•    Apple cider vinegar: by mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drinking it in case of a feeling of vomiting.
•    Mixture of cumin and vinegar: You can prepare it by soaking 7 tablespoons of cumin with two teaspoons of vinegar, and leave the mixture for a whole night, after that roast it over the fire, and have one tablespoon of it daily on an empty stomach.

Top 10 helpful tips and solutions for alleviating craving symptoms:

1.   First of all, you should see a doctor to ensure that you and your baby are healthy, and to provide you with appropriate advice on the best way to deal with cravings and pregnancy.
2.   Making tests to know the level of essential vitamins in the body to ensure that there is no deficiency in them.
3.   Having a rest after eating for at least fifteen minutes, especially after the breakfast period, this contributes to preventing stomach muscle spasms, thus preventing vomiting.
4.   Inhaling fresh scents, because the estrogen hormone increases significantly during pregnancy, which enhances the sense of smell in a pregnant woman she becomes more sensitive to strong smells that may cause nausea, so it is advised to keep some lemons, basil or mint next to you to smell them  and be sure to take them with you and use them when nausea occurs.
5.   Drink a lot of water: Studies show that symptoms related to craving and aversion become worse when the mother is dehydrated because of not drinking water, so be sure to drink 8 cups of water at intermittent periods during the day and it’s preferable to add lemon to it so that you can drink it easily.
6.   Always make sure to get some fresh air if the weather permits.
7.   Avoid food that can make you bothered such as fat-free foods and spices, as they may increase nausea. Fruits, salads, toast, and full carbs, have been shown to have the ability to make the pregnant feel comfortable during this period.
8.   Eat small amounts of food on a regular basis, to ensure that some food stays in your stomach throughout the day to reduce the annoying symptoms.
9 Turn your focus towards other things, such as reading or walking, because the emotional state has a major impact on your case, so always be positive and confident.
  Do not exert yourself too much, as fatigue increases the severity of the symptoms, and lay down whenever you feel tired.