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The most important advice to make a child accept and eat healthy food 

   When babies approach the age of one year, they start relying on food and reduce their intake of natural mother’s milk or formula (artificial milk), and they eat whatever they find.
Therefore, most mothers should feed them with different types of healthy food.
When a child approaches the age of two years old, he can distinguish between different types of food, because his sense of taste has been developed, at this time, most mothers often suffer from the problem of keeping their babies food healthy and delicious, because kids at this age only like to eat tasty foods.
Besides, this problem causes fear to mothers about their babies’ health, this may continue for a short period due to various changes in the baby’s general mood.

Loss of Appetite among children:

     There are some reasons for abstaining from eating healthy food:
  • The child may hate foods that are served to him.
  • The mother insists on the child to eat an amount of food more than what is enough for him.
  • The child may be ill.

 Advice for mothers to make their babies eat healthy food:

          Do not worry, children at this age only eat a little, and that’s normal because their stomach is smaller than older people.
In order to keep their food healthy, just follow these instructions:
  • Don’t try to force the baby to eat, it doesn’t change anything and he will never eat more.
  • You should make a variation of the kinds of healthy food such as vegetables & fruit, and then let him eat himself.
  • If the child does not eat one type of healthy food, just sit with him and eat that food and he will do the same as you do.
  • Serve food in an attractive way, such as using colorful dishes of their favorite shapes.
  • You should take sweets away because this reduces the baby’s appetite.
  • It is better to let him eat alone that will help him eat more (for older children).
  • If your child is elder than 3 years, you can take him shopping with you and allow him to see different types of healthy food, this will make him excited to prepare this healthy food and eat it.