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       Did you know, my dear pregnant woman that you can study the developments of your pregnancy in the prenatal period and extrapolate your contractions in a report that enables you to reach the hospital in time as well, accompanied by a free midwife through simple applications in your phone.
On momsandchild.com's blog, we picked the two most useful pregnancy pregnancy apps that received excellent reviews.

Doula Labour Coach 

One of the best apps and highest rated birth. You can get extra support in the last 3 months of your pregnancy.
When you download this application, you will be accompanied by a midwife during the entire birth, starting from the first contract. Mary will calmly and lovingly train you on all the cramps and sudden movements of your child. All you have to do is listen only to her comfortable voice full of tenderness. The application clarifies the application for you by displaying your contractions surveys in a clear graph.
This application is multi-languages ​​such as English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish and Arabic, there are some features that can be purchased, but it does not provide full support without payment.
The app is designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to finance the world's best pregnancy applications and is recommended by obstetricians.

Full term application

This simple app is one of the best apps to review your cramps and see if it is time to go to the hospital.
Using the application is very simple, you only need to press one button to start the contraction timer and stop it when it happens after that. The application will determine the necessary reports to know the duration of your contractions such as (average duration) and how close they are (average frequency).
In the meantime, you can take notes about the contracture, such as its severity, the time of water leakage and the color of liquids, which your doctor or nurse will want to know.