How to spend the quarantine time with your child? | MOMSANDCHILD

With the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and due to the current circumstances that force us to take great precautions to avoid the transmission of infection, we must be quarantined at home and not go out except for the extreme necessity, but the majority will feel bored, so we prepared for you ( pregnant women or mothers who take care of their children ) a simple list of activities and recommendations that’ll help you have fun spending the quarantine time at home with your family and children:

1.     Create and cook new recipes for your children to improve the kitchen experience.
2.     With the participation of your family, try to grow plants and create a garden during the time of quarantine (even inside your house).
3.     Read stories and books collectively like a home library to improve your reading habits.
4.     Create the right letter for decoration and change the décor of your house.
5.     Try writing a story with beautiful suggestions from your children's imagination, you’ll be stunned by how far their imaginations can go.
6.     Make it an appropriate opportunity to organize bedtime for you and your children, this is the best tile ever to develop habits.
7.     To get rid of stress, consider calling your friends.
8.     Make masks for your face and skin and don’t forget warm bath it is such a relief.
9.     Clean all the mess in your house and re-organize it, this will improve your mental health.
10. Learn new hobbies with your children.
11. Learn a different language and apply it and use it with the family.
12. Take useful online courses, a lot of famous websites are offering free courses like « udemy.com » and « edx.org ».
13. Spend some time playing games like chess.
14. Browse the family album and re-live the good memories.