What is waiting for the new mother? | MOMSANDCHILD

When a baby is born, his mother's brain comes to a thousand questions about how her life will   
become and how she's going to take care of her new baby and raise him to be a responsible person in the future, here in this article we give you 20 expert tips that will help you raise your child in the calmest way. But before we dive in we want to tell you that the secret for this to work is patience and enjoying every moment with your child
  1. Make sure that the life your living will change completely; washing, diapers, daily milk, and watching your baby from time to time ... but you just have to enjoy every moment with your baby so as your life doesn’t turn into hell.
  2. Do not worry about your baby’s food, you will learn to make new recipes, but on the other hand, you should expect strange habits from your child during food time, such as throwing water or drinks on the plate…You don't have to worry about that too, and don't push your child, surely he will eat when he is hungry, the important thing is not to forget your own meal in this case.
  3. You should take care of the child's sleep and make him get used to sleeping early so that you can sleep too ... Your child’s sleep means your sleep witch means a happy new day tomorrow... You should teach your child to sleep on his own by finding the appropriate times to sleep for him, such as sleeping after having a shower or after reading to create an ordered life system.
  4. Use the phrase “No” whenever the child requests something that isn’t good for him especially when he wants to buy sweets and ice cream when you’re in the supermarket with him, and you should make it clear for him that they are not good for him, and you do not have to worry about your child crying, and don’t be embarrassed by that, because he will grow up one day and it will become from the past.
  5. Introduce new traditions such as celebrating the child’s birthday, equipping them with balloons and sheets, making some fun noise with your child, and creating a unique handshake, especially with your child.
  6. Be prepared for sickness days. Store medications like Pedialyte, Gatorade, or Vitamin Water so you don't have to go to the store in the middle of the night when your child has a fever.
  7. Determine your surroundings and choose friends who can help and advise you and those who care about you and your child and family, because there will be differences and opposite opinions about raising your child and this is a tension for you.
  8. Make yourself and your character an example to follow for your child because he is like a white page and you are his first school so it is advisable to participate in the schools for new mothers.
  9. It is necessary to get used to your partner's participation in raising and caring for the child so that the child is not his mother’s and only. For this, try to train your husband to feed him, take care of him sometimes, watch him, and change his diaper. These are great communication activities and an opportunity to take a break.
  10. Try to read for your child even if he was an infant who did not reach the one year yet because it will help in creating his imagination earlier. You should choose stories that are good for his age and those that talk about success and happiness ...
  11. Be ready and smooth in front of the many changes ... Let your child play on the new bed or play with the new pots and cups and when he gets used to the new sensory experiences, you can switch to a more formal character and change his habits.
  12. When you make a mistake with your child, take responsibility, and apologize. This develops the spirit of responsibility within your child and teaches him to apologize after making mistakes.
  13. Make your child gets used to completing small tasks such as emptying garbage, arranging the bed, arranging the table and toys, wiping what he left on the table, and helping with households...You have to raise a responsible child. And avoid being a personal maid for your child from a young age, you must let him learn new skills by himself, such as hanging his jacket in the cupboard and putting his dirty clothes in the basket so as you don’t end up doing that for the rest of your life... Do not give your child a fish, but teach him hunting.
  14. Often you have to trust your intuition when your child is sick and you are unable to diagnose him having butterflies in your stomach will tell you that something is wrong ... prevention is better than cure.
  15. Learn to give yourself free time to rest and calm down when angry, in this way your response to your child can be better, so do not always respond immediately to the actions of your child.
  16. It is necessary to wait and think calmly first until the charge disappears and the tension goes away and the interaction is positive between you and your child... And remember that the error has occurred and ended already.
  17. Specialists say be carful from mothers who try to show off their children around people and do not worry, because possibly the majority of them are lying and exaggerating. What you need to know is that you should never talk about your child’s mistakes with guests or strangers in front of him or when he is listening, this encourages him to do more bad stuff. Instead, you should praise and encourage him when he is right and when he does something good ... Remember that you should be investing in your child towards a better tomorrow.
  18. You should pay attention when your child is talking to you, do not answer the phone, reply to messages, or e-mails because children know when you are paying attention to them and when you’re not.
  19. Act stupid sometimes, your children must see you laugh and play with them and chase them at home because life is short and we may experience bad times.
  20. Go out sometimes and try to take your child for a walk under the sun in the garden or even under the rain, and use your feet instead of the car, you can also run with your child for a short distance and jump ... These are opportunities to get out of the atmosphere of screens, technology, and home routine.
  21. Sometimes, be a mother, and sometimes be a friend, your actions should not always be apparent to your child, because there may be times when your child does not love you, but in his depths, they will continue to love you, so you should always walk in accordance with the principles... Just make sure that these principles are correct.
  22. Create an album about your child's life, from photos and videos, you will need at some point in life because beautiful memories will make your children more related to life, and they represent a good opportunity to remember how the family was formed.