Antepartum depression

Antepartum depression

Pregnancy depression is a common disorder that affects a pregnant woman, and it is one of the moo
 disorders that affect the chemistry of the brain, which is normal for women, and according to medical science, this disorder can persist in a pregnant woman for more than a week, but if the disorder exceeds this limit, this requires Specialist intervention so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

- Almost every month, women experience a mood disorder due to the menstrual cycle, and this is not new to it .. But there are some cases that are difficult to diagnose, so they are considered among the hormonal changes that affect women ... Below we will learn about the causes and effects of prenatal depression On the child and methods of treatment ...

1- Causes:

There are many reasons that lead to depression in a pregnant woman .. But there are many women who suffer from depression before marriage, and these are the reasons that lead to depression during pregnancy.

1- Exposure to violence: The thing that harms women and makes them more vulnerable to fear is their exposure to violence, as many societies practice violence against women, but there are many rights that Europe has reserved for women and helped spread them, and we find that those who practice violence against women, whether they are a father Or a husband or brother is a complex person.

2- Sudden pregnancy: as a sudden and unplanned pregnancy causes depression and the possibility of miscarriage, and many couples do not plan to conceive in their marital life and do not care about matters of income or the state of the country in which they live, which results in disorder in the pregnant woman.

3- Anxiety: Anxiety is the most common cause of depression in a pregnant woman. Anxiety is due to pregnancy and childbirth, especially if the woman is at an early age, as the loss of her life during childbirth may come to her mind.
 It is better to marry after the twenty-second so that the woman's mind is mature and capable of taking responsibility.

Christa Petitgout
Thank you for sharing Jennifer! I went through this with grace. I never talked about it and I’m really open about my anxiety and depression but I couldn’t bring myself to believe I could be depressed or have anxiety while carrying a miracle either. With Anthony I felt so great and happy all the time. I will admit I didn’t know about antepartum depression, I just thought it was the same as my typical depression but it was definitely different.
2- Effects on the fetus:

 Prenatal depression can affect a mother's ability to care for herself or her baby properly, and in the absence of treatment, pregnancy depression can cause many health problems
 The mother and the child ... It can lead to the mother being malnourished, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, or smoking, which in turn may lead to premature labor, low birth weight, and problems with the growth and development of the child, in addition, It has been observed that babies born to mothers with untreated depression are less active and more violent than their peers.

3- Treatment methods:

There are many methods of treatment, among which are the two best:

2- 1- Medicinal treatment: Consulting a doctor is the most common treatment option for depression, and it is useful for the doctor to discuss the benefits and risks associated with antidepressants for both the mother and her fetus, and thus prescribe one of them. It is worth noting that if a pregnant woman took antidepressants before pregnancy, you should consult a specialist doctor. Once you know the occurrence of pregnancy, to determine the appropriate drugs that help control the condition and reduce its complications.

2- Psychotherapy: This type of treatment focuses on the pregnant woman’s sharing of her thoughts, feelings and concerns with the specialist doctor during the session and is divided into two types:

- Cognitive behavioral therapy: through which a pregnant woman, with the help of a doctor, can identify negative thoughts and plan to confront them and get rid of them.

- Personal psychotherapy: This type of treatment focuses on the relationship of the pregnant woman with the people around her, and on providing psychological support for her.

Sara Diaz
I had postpartum really bad..we really need more awareness bc like you said, we're  expected to "be" a certain way and we try to play the part but on the inside we're dying. They had some really awesome groups at St. Joseph's Woman's Hospital that were free and they helped. Im not sure if they still have them bc of this whole covid thing but there are def resources out there to help. Lmk if you want to start a group or something, id def love to be involved.
- In the end, some advice must be given to the pregnant woman so that she does not fall into such a matter, which is to stay away from stress as much as possible and drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day, and you should sleep. Well, this is to preserve the health of the fetus and share the thoughts and feelings that are stressing her with those close to her
I also advise you, dear pregnant woman, not to think about negative thoughts and imagine that you are having a beautiful, calm and cheerful child .......the thoughts and feelings that stress her with people close to her.