Does a pregnant woman have priority in a vaccine against Covid-19?

Does a pregnant woman have priority in a vaccine against Covid-19?

       It is clear that when the Coronavirus vaccines are launched, It will not be available to everyone at once.

    Vaccines will be given priority to high-risk groups such as front-line health workers and the elderly.

   The question arises when will the turn of the pregnant woman come Because they are a priority because of their health status, but if clinical trials of a vaccine are not approved for pregnant women, they may be prevented from getting the vaccine.

   As more and more candidate vaccines advance in later stages, most women want to ensure that pregnant women have a fair chance to participate in studies that may benefit them and their children, as well as that pregnant women as a group have a fair chance of benefiting from vaccines when their use is allowed outside of trials.

the answer:

     Faden, a professor of health policy, explains that there are good reasons why pregnant women are not enrolled in the first clinical trials of a new vaccine for a new virus.

  The vaccine has not been confirmed to be safe Also, the vaccine may not trigger an immune response.

Also, in practice it first means evaluating how healthy adults respond to a vaccine candidate. The evidence for safety and side effects can help experts in maternal and fetal medicine, bioethics and other areas make recommendations about which vaccines should be evaluated in pregnant women.

However, a woman should not be excluded from receiving the vaccination just because she is pregnant, especially if she is in a group that might receive the vaccine priority.

  But what's more exciting is the risk-benefit assessment, as Faden likens it to a three-legged stool: what is known about the vaccine itself, the risks a pregnant woman faces if she becomes infected, and the likelihood of a pregnant woman getting infected. .

  All of these things have to be taken into consideration. Then we have to think about what is the most ethical thing to do

     The important thing is that a pregnant woman should not be left behind while developing these new technologies and new vaccines, but rather that her needs should be taken into account.